SC-S 80600 Get The BEST

64‑Inch roll‑to‑roll eco-solvent printer with auto take‑up reel. 9‑colour Epson UltraChrome® GS3 ink. Options for white & metallic inks provide flexibility to print on diverse media or create eye‑popping graphics.


Epson Surecolor SC-S80600: Quality 64” eco-solvent printer for same day lamination and PANTONE® matching

The SC-S80600 incorporates Epson’s latest heat-free PrecisionCore print head and UltraChrome Eco-Solvent ink technology. It produces prints that are brighter and glossier than ever before with a wider colour gamut.

Prints dry quickly to enable same-day job turnaround and machines require minimum maintenance. Ink has a low odour to enable operation in a wide range of commercial, business and office environments.

You can expect professional-quality results on everything from simple signage to high-end displays and décor on a wide range of substrates including clear film, vinyl, canvas, photographic paper and more.

Epson’s latest eco-Solvent ink technology adds red and orange to the CMYK set, ensuring an unsurpassed colour gamut. The SC-S80600 is the only eco-solvent printer in its class with PANTONE® certification and delivered a PANTONE® 98.2% in stringent test conditions. A spot-colour channel to allow you to use either white or metallic silver inks that are re-circulated within the printhead to make sure that they are ready for use when you need them.

The quality of output is comparable to a high-spec photo printer, maintaining accurate colour density even in dark areas. 

Features at a glance

  • Superior Performance – Produce output quickly with DUAL Print Heads, an extended 10 colour ink set, including White or Metal ink.
  • Superior Media Support – Supports Paper, Canvas, Vinyl and Film stocks, in widths up to 1626mm (64-inch) and thicknesses up to 1mm, in rolls up to 45Kg & 250mm in diameter.
  • Superior Print Quality and Performance – Latest PrecisionCore Printhead, new UltraChrome GS3 ink, improved paper path, upgraded feed management and a new Advanced Auto Tension Control System for superb linearity and accuracy.
  • Simpler & Easier to Use – Can be loaded by a single operator with auto media set-up and skew correction, features a see-through platen cover with integrated lighting, and new Epson Edge Dashboard management software.
  • Reduced Maintenance – New Self Cleaning Printhead and Air Circulation system with mist extraction.
  • Reduced Production Costs – Uses new low cost 700ml ink cartridges with Reduced Ink & Power Consumption, ships with an Integrated Auto Take-Up and Drying Unit, supports Remote Management, Remote Auto Status & Error Reporting.
  • Increased Durability – Features a Strengthened Chassis and a new Printhead Guard, backed by a Comprehensive 2 year Warranty with Optional Cover that can be extended up to a total of FIVE YEARS.