Monomeric Vinyl

Monomeric vinyl

Intercoat range of monomeric print media for eco-solvent, latex, and UV wideformat printers. If your not sure which media best suits you please read our short guide below before selecting the correct product.  If you can’t find what you are looking for please click here to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you with your requirements.  

Monomeric vinyls contain plasticisers which use short-chain chemical bonds so don’t bind into the film as efficiently so will more easily migrate from the film leaving it brittle over time.

Monomeric films are suitable for most internal and short-term external applications, are generally quite stiff so can be harder on blade wear and are barely conformable over contours so are recommended for flat-sided applications only.

Usually monomeric vinyls are 80-100 microns thick.

Recommended uses for monomeric films: Interior work and short to medium term external applications where life span is expected to be 3-5 years or under and on a flat surface.


  • Ideal for flat sided applications.
  • Suitable for most customers job requirements.
  • Lower in price than polymeric.
  • Short to medium life span.
  • Stiffer/thicker films make handling easier
  • The thicker films allow for greater abrasion resistance.
  • Expected life span is 3-5 years


  • Not suitable for applications onto uneven or contoured surfaces
  • Can be susceptible to slight shrinkage over the life span of the vinyl